Greetings everyone!
In my recently decided quest to get a full on mid size ADV bike I fell into a Serow ( for free). She had been sitting for about 10 years. Itís a first step yeah yeah itís a 225 so not mid size but a good start point and local ride.below are before and after pics.
Hereís what I know and donít 😎.
I found a US/Canadian Spec service manual and wiring diagram but there are differences so if anyone can point me in a direction to get one foe a japan spec great.
Best I can figure itís a 96í or 97í
I bought rebuild kits fir front and rear master cylinders from Yamaha and a new front tire the rear was good.
Has new battery and coil. Still no spark. So Iím thinking the CDI. Was thinking after the holiday to take it to the Yamaha shop and ask them to test it, thoughts?
Here are a couple pics


On the tires currently she has Dunlop D605ís quite knobbly for daily use. Sujestions for a more road/dirt friendly tire. I saw IRC online but not familiar. Suggestions welcome by the way itís a 18/21 wheel setup.