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    Introduce yourself!

    Just a quick lil intro, of course it's easy to know who some of us are that are already here. But who is Speedy G?! Gordo?

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    Yep, that's me

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    Right on Goose!

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    Hey guys this is Tim AKA bladed101. I am currently living in up north in Misawa but I do make it down to Tokyo area 2-3 times a year. definitely looking forward to this new forum.

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    Welcome to the Forum.. When you get down this way check out the AFG MOTO shop and the Icon gear..

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    Where is it located? I should be down next March

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    Just out side the main gate at yokota Air base

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    Good evening all. And a fine bunch of reprobates you are!
    My blog is at:

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    Hey guys

    Hey nice to see a new forum!! Good work!

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    Big Dub

    Guess who bitches!

    Yep. it's me.

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