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    looking good... will start the Yahoo stuff during the week as its looking like plenty of rain heading this way.. ..

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    The start line for a new racer..

    Cool apreicate that! It's needed now😎
    Thanks preping it was a bugger (lol)
    So I'm needing white paint and 2k clear, pleanty of black on hand 😎. Parts list shrunk got an on/off switch 1,000 including shipping a clutch lever assembly and some used bars. Found a tach for 1,000. But still need a reed valve, tach cable and she's going to need new tires. So we're getting closer. More updates as things get done👍

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    The start line for a new racer..

    Ok so while I am at a financial standstill on finishing the frame and engine ( hopefully temporary)
    I was able to finish the front end completely.

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    The start line for a new racer..

    Ok so was able to get some white laid down today
    After it hardens a bit then a2K clear

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    Looking good..

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    The start line for a new racer..

    Thanks. Considering where i have to paint and how little room, it came out pretty good. Ill wait a couple days give it a chance to harden before the clear 2K gets applied.
    Still got a couple things i need to get like. Alert side foot stay bracket, a tach cable and I'd like to get a throttle asssambly that has the adjustment screw on the bottom. That is so I can control the amount of throttle my daughter can use. At least for now. But after buying the paint They got to wait.

    I was hoping to use the foot stay brackets of a CBR I have a few laying around, however the bolt holes for mounting to the frame are narrower than on the NSR.

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    The start line for a new racer..

    Just a small thing but significant
    I made 2 of these brackets that will allow me to use CBR foot stays as I have several extra sets

    The Frame and bits have had the 2K clear applied. So it won't be long before reassembly 👍
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    The start line for a new racer..

    Well it's starting to take shape.

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    The start line for a new racer..

    So just a small update. I made a couple faring mounts out of aluminum strips see the pics. And did a test fit with the faring. I'll pull it all and paint the mount peices.
    As you can see it's taking shape sora is getting more excited but asked if we could paint the tank blue. So we will be doing that at some point.
    The lowers don't fit with the stock exhaust as you can see from the picture a piece was added so I'll need to remove that before the lowers will fit.
    Still a couple small bits needed maybe more but I know I need an air filter and a clutch lever assambly. Yes there's one there, but just for concept. I bought it and was advertised to work w/ the NSR50......wrong bummer but hey when I find the right one this one hoes in the parts bin fir something in the future.

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    The start line for a new racer..

    Well I made some adjustments w/ the faring and it all fits

    I have everything in place clutch, brakes bled, tach and all is painted and in place except for numbers which she wants to run my old number so I need to get those.
    Now of course w every time you think your close a wrench gets thrown and your thrown 2 steps back. Chain and sprockets are not matching so I'm guessing it's old sprockets so I told sora we have to wait for a bit before starting😢
    Update chain situation... ya got to laugh
    My sprockets are for a 420 chain my chains had a taken a second and looked are 415 ....
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