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    The start line for a new racer..

    Small gift for one of the members of Japanriders for staying on the forum the passed year while others went out of there way to spread lies and asked other riders to leave . Thankyou Racer and looking forward to seeing your daughter on the track in the summer.

    Good Karma happens to good people..

    Let's see if anybody else can help out get this little girl on the track..
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    looking much better now its had a wash..

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    The start line for a new racer..

    She is going to freak out !!!!! In a good way🏁
    Look forward to seeing you in the morning👍🏍

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    Nice classy move, Fastbike
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    The start line for a new racer..

    Quote Originally Posted by STR675 View Post
    Nice classy move, Fastbike
    Indeed classy people do class things👍 thanks again great day! Will be starting work and posting reports soon

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    The start line for a new racer..

    Well what a great weekend! Drove up fracking early and went to Tony's place. We loaded the bike and assorted bits and bobs as the pics show. Then along time waiting tong and I went for a sail.

    After which we heard back and I started the trek back.

    So as promised I will be doing build and race updates and since Tony started here I'll just do it on this thread.

    So after a long drive back it's home and I've unloaded her and she's now in her home for treat down and build up.
    Step 1 the unload and into the shop.

    And in the shop

    Now the real work starts in the morning the strip down and measuring...
    Stay tuned 🏁🏍👍

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    She needs to set up a Go Fund Me page.. ..

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    The start line for a new racer..

    Now there's a thought. Need to think about and research that one

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    The start line for a new racer..

    Well spent a fair part of the day taking the bike apart, finding out what I have and don't have and making a mock up of a stay for the seat.. so here are some pics:

    Here's a mock up of the seat stay.

    I tried it and it will work perfect for the seat. So I need to get a small piece of steel shape it and find someone to weld it on.

    So the brake side foot peg is missing have pleanty of them. The shifter side peg assembly was missing. I thought no biggie I've got a bunch of CBR spares lying around. Well they won't work as the NSR50 mount bolt holes are further apart than the CBR bummer.
    I have the waiting harness inside to start that mess lol...
    So as of now parts needs are:
    Left side (shifter side) peg assembly if no peg cool just need the assembly.
    Reed valve
    Tach ( rev meter)
    Start ( on/off) handle switch
    Left and rt handlebars.

    Then I got to ask in the states I ran my rd350's and my rz's. With oil gas mix eliminating the oil pump. Thoughts?

    So I brought the wiring harness in the house the current one is set up for the road so lights blinkers and such. But I have a manual for the HRC NSR50 which has this diagram ( I colorized it)

    But this one has 5 wires and is a racing harness think I'll be making this one 👍
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    The start line for a new racer..

    Well today was a bit easy. Finished stripping the bike so I can start with frame prep work

    Would love to locate a couple of those Dunlop decals for when it's done, as it has already left the building so to say.

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