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    Should be cheap to order new from Riders stand..

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    Classic & Sports (working in the garage..)

    Yeah I am sure it is cheap enough. SUnday is the day off. Ill probably run to Nankai or RIders stand with this old one.
    But thought id check if you had one lying around first. I Ihave to get some other small bits anyways

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    Garage life... rebuilt my spare carbs today but somebody changed the slow jets and still running way to rich..

    Plan B : buy some new idle jets..


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    Fitted the new rear number plate stay on the Austin Seven today ready for Shaken.


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    Classic & Sports (working in the garage..)

    Sweet! Look forward to seeing it

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    Passed Shaken and ready for its new home
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Classic & Sports (working in the garage..)

    That's a darn good looking bike

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    Good new and Bad news ,

    Time to say Bye Bye to the old Classic and Sports garage so many good bikes and friends have passed through these doors over the passed 15 years .

    Good NEWS:
    The good news is we will open again in late September with a new garage & show room plus a new house , Bigger and better with Aircon ready to fight back in style. ..

    During the next 3 months i plan to spend a lot of time out sailing or touring... Friends are welcome onboard SV Taihei just give us a shout when you are free but don't wait for a event page to show up.. ..

    Auction service and transport for bikes will keep on going during the rebuild and stock bike will be in a local storage containers..

    June 28th is our last day open and the move starts on the July 2nd soon as we get back from the Okinawa yacht race..

    Big thank's again for all the good times at Classic & Sports and Japanriders..

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    Classic & Sports (working in the garage..)

    Sad to hear and good to hear also!
    I've got a couple days in July maybe we can get some boat time in.
    And August brings Obon and a ride if your interested.👍

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    Work has come to a hold at Classic and Sport for a few months while we have a new garage built..

    Empty Garage... Hard to say good bye to the garage after 15 years and many good times but looking forward to the fresh start.


    Washed and cleaned ready for the builders next week..

    Also moved out of the house and removed 20 years of junk... Feeling good about the fresh start.. ..
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