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    Should be cheap to order new from Riders stand..

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    Classic & Sports (working in the garage..)

    Yeah I am sure it is cheap enough. SUnday is the day off. Ill probably run to Nankai or RIders stand with this old one.
    But thought id check if you had one lying around first. I Ihave to get some other small bits anyways

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    Garage life... rebuilt my spare carbs today but somebody changed the slow jets and still running way to rich..

    Plan B : buy some new idle jets..


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    Fitted the new rear number plate stay on the Austin Seven today ready for Shaken.


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    Classic & Sports (working in the garage..)

    Sweet! Look forward to seeing it

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    Passed Shaken and ready for its new home
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Classic & Sports (working in the garage..)

    That's a darn good looking bike

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