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  1. Sorry Anthony. I have to take a later shink. I'll get into Tokyo at 12. I'll give you a call from Nishi-urawa.
  2. Jason whats your E-mail..??
  3. Thanks for the reply mate. I just stumbled on it thinking you hadn't responded. I'll know to click on your profile the next time I want to see if you've answered.

    I'll know how much I have to play with on about the 22nd so I'll get back to you then. The VMax might be a bit out of reach though. Looking forward to seeing any other big naked bikes you have on offer in the next couple weeks though.
  4. Hey Anthony. Do you expect much more stock in before Christmas? I think I saw a post here with a grey R1100. But POA. Surprised there weren't more comments about it. How much are you asking for that if you still have it?
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