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  • Goldenweek lets ride..

    Team KTM are preping there bikes ready for the 28th April start...10days on the road... is your bike and camping gear ready.. ?
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    1. racer162's Avatar
      racer162 -
      Just a few weeks away!!
      I'm almost ready.
    1. fastbike's Avatar
      fastbike -
      Same here fitting new tires and playing with the camping gear..
    1. Beer!'s Avatar
      Beer! -
      I kinda want to roll with you guys the whole time, but I won't be on the road till the 30th due to work and shit. Gonna do the twistybutt because that's always a fun and interesting challenge for a warm up, then I guess i will try to meet up with you cunts further on.
    1. wrk2ride_ride2wrk's Avatar
      wrk2ride_ride2wrk -
      cunts are useful, you must be talking about someone else