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  1. drugs....
  2. Ni'nin hoken
  3. All of June: Nationwide Illegal Modification Crackdown
  4. Shuto closure - Yaesu-sen (until 2014!)
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  6. Tunnel Collapse on the Chuo
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  8. Shaken by Classic & Sports (Fastbike)
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  10. Registering a junk bike with no paperwork, Possible???
  11. Red Baron???
  12. Been in an accident?
  13. Parking from April
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  16. Oogata test- Have to take it on a 1300cc bike now?
  17. How much will I pay other than the bike price?
  18. Kyoto Driving School that takes a proper donation to let an American pass?
  19. Exporting from Hokkaido to Canada
  20. New bike came with Jibaiseki,name change?
  21. license renewal
  22. Some tax questions
  23. Registering a 125cc Suzuki Address with temporary plates